The production of seedlings and planting material
Boskova Bocica1

Beurré Bosc

It belongs to autumn cultivars because it ripes around 36 days after Williams (second half of September, beginning of October). It gives middle large to large (230 to 280 g) fruits, that have a characteristic pear-like shape like a bottle. It has a long and elegant pedicle. During the harvest time it has a basic light green skin colour which later becomes light yellow.

Because of the rust the fruit is relatively rugged, but it still has an attractive look. Flash has yellow-white colour, fine texture with small sclerenhim grains, juicy, soluble, tart-sweet taste, full but not enough suitable because of the lack of acids.

It has a very specific and distinct aroma. It’s a delicious table cultivar. It blooms late and it’s a diploid cultivar. It stands out by its middle lushy to lushy growth and hanging habitus, and therefore the choice of the soil is important. It’s resistant to drought and frost.

Mid late
ROOTSTOCKS: BA 29; MA; MC; Pyrus communis