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Butirra Précoce Morettini

Butirra précoce Morettini

It’s one of the best early pears that ripes at the end of july. It’s growth is middle lushy to lushy. Naturally it forms a wide pyramidal treetop. It blossoms early to middle early. It’s a diploid cultivar. It gives fruits early, regularly and bountifully. Fruits are middle large (140 g) and have a pear-like shape.

Fruits skin is pretty thin, fragile, smooth, dry and shinny, with a basic light green colouration that turns into green-yellow with bright redness on the exposed side while ripening.

Flash is white. It has a sweet, juicy and refreshing taste and a really pleasant aroma. It’s of extraordinary quality. It can be kept in a freezer for a month and is sensitive to late spring frosts.

Mid early
ROOTSTOCKS: BA 29; MA; MC; Pyrus communis